When Life Gives you Lemons…

go to the beach…

Our eldest child will be turning 16 in August and we promised her a trip for her birthday. We have a yearly trip to the mountains of New Mexico in August, so we decided we would go in May. Avoid heat, avoid crowds. Basically, the perfect plan. In March we chose a destination, St. Louis, Missouri. Driving distance, art, parks, culture, shopping… what more could a gal ask for? I’ve spent months researching and planning. Getting tickets to this and that thing on Groupon.


Photo Credit: http://gatewayarch.com/buytickets

Beautiful right? We even scored tickets to see Dirty Dancing on stage on Mother’s Day!

As it happens, St. Louis and the surrounding areas are experiencing some pretty significant flooding. The week of our trip, it is expected to rain most days. We decided as a family it might not be safe to drive up there, and who even knows what we are looking at when we get there.

We also decided as a family a couple of months ago to buy non-refundable hotel rooms to save money.

Sometimes, travel requires… flexibility.

So, instead of going to St. Louis, we called a last minute audible, and we will now be visiting sunny Florida!

We were very blessed that all of our reservations were refunded except for one. We were also incredibly fortunate to find a great last minute deal for a condo in Panama City Beach on VRBO.

The stars have aligned, and Mom has spent hours scouring gluten free restaurants in PCB!

So, when life gives you lemons, go to the beach!

Here is my tried and true recipe for lemonade, which will be a perfect refreshment to enjoy on the beach!

1 cup of lemon juice (bottled or fresh squeezed)

1 cup of sugar or honey

Cool water

2 cups of ice (optional)

Take a quart sized pitcher and add sugar, lemon juice and fill halfway with water. Stir well until sugar has dissolved. Add in 2 cups of ice and fill to the top with water. (If you prefer, you can leave out the ice and just fill the pitcher the remainder of the way with water and serve over ice)



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