Young and Wild


I’m running for the first time in almost 9 months. Today was a day that called for running. The gym is hundreds of miles away in Texas, and the beach is across the street. So I ran.

It occurs to me as I near the first half mile, that running is significantly harder than the elliptical. The Strumbellas “Young and Wild” is booming in my ear buds, and I hear the line that always strikes my heart, ” I walk the lines they made me. Just to make them smile.” Isn’t that life?

The emerald green waves tease at my feet as I run the shoreline on the hard packed sand. Too close and I’ll have wet shoes, too far and I’ll be bogged down.. I walk the line.

A million tiny sea shells glint in the sun. Some are broken, some are not. There are amazing treasures to be found if I slow down and look hard enough. Even in their brokenness, they are beautiful.

I am deeply grateful that I get to, at very least, visit places like this, and I am increasingly angry that fate seemed to park me somewhere else in this world. A place where I have tried desperately to be happy, but just can’t seem to hit the mark. Don’t get me wrong, my life is amazing, but I’d relocate it in a heart beat.

Around the 1.75 mile mark, I’m spent. I pull off my shoes and socks and give in to the call of the waves. I’m not walking the line anymore, I’m dancing like a kid.

“Sometimes I say you’re crazy
Sometimes I’ll think you’re strange
Maybe you’re the one who found a way out of this cage”

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