New Adventure: Two days PLUS Gluten Free Snacks I LOVE

Okay, two more days until I will be able to spill the beans.

I have spent a lot of time getting everything ready, which means… Snacks. Snacks are pretty much required for life. We have a clock on the wall that is shaded for meal times, and snack time is one of them. It may be the most anticipated meal of the day.

When I went gluten free, I felt the loss of Cheez-its HARD. Cheez-its… how do I love thee, let me count the ways. I love your crispness. I love your salt. I love your cheese-ish taste. You make me smile.

Moment of silence for me no longer being able to eat Cheez-its.

That’s better.

Fortunately for all the humans on the planet, I have found some really yummy gluten free snacks to take away a little bit of the pain.

Before we talk about the snacks I love, I want to talk seriously about a snack I do not love. This is unfortunate, because I ordered six boxes off of Amazon. I read many reviews, looking for an alternative to Cheez-its. Finally, I found it. Van’s Say Cheese crackers. People even said they liked them MORE… these people are fools and deserve to be shunned. These crackers are nothing like my beloved Cheez-its and are not even good judged on their own. Don’t try to argue with me, if you love them so much, I have six and three quarters boxes you are welcome to have…

Okay, snack one that I love…


Gratify Everything Thins.

They are literally everything. Everything good in the world. I love them. I eat them. I have to put the portion in a bowl and walk far, far away. They are sitting on my desk, staring me down right now and I could die of being so strong. I might be eligible for saint hood if I don’t eat them. They are light and crispy and downright lovely. I bought them at TJ Maxx… I have no clue where you might actually find these, but find them.

Second favorite snack I love…


Goodie Girl Mint Slims

Don’t ever tell a person who loves Girl Scout Thin Mints that she is now unable to eat gluten and expect her not to cry 1,000 tears. These are spot on GF renditions. My whole family loves them, which sucks because that means they eat them. I got these at Winn Dixie in Florida for Peter Piper’s sake and I am not 100% sure I will ever find them again, but I will love them while they are here. Deeply.

Third snack I love…


K-Kritters Animal Cookies

One of my all time favorite midnight snacks is animal cookies with peanut butter and chocolate chips. If you are unfamiliar with this combo, I suggest you familiarize. These aren’t spot on animal cookies texture wise, but they are close enough. I jumped up and down, squealing when I found them at the local HEB.

Fourth… I think… I am thinking about food now and can’t keep track…


Duke’s Shorty Sausages

This flavor is way yummy, as is chorizo. They are clearly gluten free, as evidenced by the words on the package. I also can not eat Nitrites or MSG, so these are a big win in my book, as most cured meats have one or both. If you are needing a protein boost on the go, grab one, you won’t be sorry a bit.


and last, but not least…


Think Thin Protein and Superfruit Lemon Cranberry Chia

There are other flavors, but I have only had this one. I was NOT excited about these at first. My hubby eats protein bars and it is like chewing a mouthful of shredded plastic to me. I really needed a grab and go granola bar type replacement, so I bought these, hoping they would not offend me. Boy was I surprised. They are delicious. While they look slightly turd-like, they taste heavenly. The are soft and fluffy. And… they have little morsels inside that are like… icing or something. I don’t people. Just eat it. Just eat it and live your life.

I hope you try some of these things, because they are fantastic and I would never lie about that. If you are newly GF and are missing your go to snacks, I hope this helps.

Happy Eating!

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