New Adventure: The Big Reveal

Oh my gosh… you guys. ┬áHave you been anxiously waiting? I never actually thought anyone read this, but I saw my neighbor earlier and she said she had been checking so, there is one person! Hi, Natalia!

So, today was the big day. We had two children who inexplicably decided that they would sleep late, and had to be woken up. After some quick breakfast and wardrobe changes, we piled all four kids in to the car for a 9:20 AM appointment.

We arrived with 12 minutes to spare, and the sales guy met us at the door to take our beloved van back for surgery. As we wandered around inside the showroom, we ran into my dad and step mom. What a nice surprise that was! I had mentioned to them that we would be there and they live very near, so they surprised us. Thank goodness, too. We didn’t know it at the time, but we were in for the long haul.

We did a little browsing at Camping World, and got a lovely “house” warming gift. Then, finally, we got to see our NEW BABY!


I wish I had more pictures, but it was pretty crazy with all four kids and trying to listen to the guy tell us all these really important seeming facts. My dad snapped this as we were leaving the parking lot.

After we got to see the new RV, we ended up having to wait about four hours. Tia had to go to work, and thank the Lord, Poppy ran me to Wendy’s for some food. Apparently, putting a hitch and trailer brakes on a van is NOT for the faint of heart and takes AWHILE!

We eventually got to go home though. I had been really excited to take pictures and get it all set up, but the weather had other plans and my we are experiencing a slight rain delay.

Here is the inside.


Bunk beds, baby! Our bed is behind me. There is a kitchen and a bathroom, as well. All in about 18 feet.


We are attempting to learn how to use the incredibly complicated hitch. The kids were being fairly patient, and, thank goodness, the rain held off.

We are heading out for our a week long trip in a couple of days. I am really hoping I can get it all stocked up by then. I have been preparing all week, but there is still much to do.

We are taking off on a month long trip to the mountains next month. Are we crazy? Probably! Do we care? Not really!

Stay tuned for, hopefully, more (better) pictures and stories of our adventures. We have been planning this for at least a year, so it is so exciting for it to finally come to fruition!


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