A three hour tour…

We parked the Minnow in it’s temporary home on Sunday. I felt so sad watching her back in, and disappear behind the big, sliding doors. We haven’t been apart since we picked her up, and seeing her out the window makes us all feel like we could take off exploring any minute. But alas, she is safe and protected for the next couple of weeks.

In just over two weeks, we will be reunited, and I am sure it will feel so good. Our first voyage went so well, we decided to throw all conscious thought to the wind and take her for a “three hour tour”.

As I enter my 6th year of being 29, I become less and less capable of pretending that the good ole Texas heat is my friend. I mean, a constant sheen of sweat is cute and all, on someone… I think. But, it ain’t cute on me. In addition, the kids lay on the couch, crying that it is hot and they are bored.

I have dreamed of a “summer home” for years. A place to escape the heat, wear blue jeans and light sweaters, go days without breaking a sweat while sitting still in a chair.

Every year, we spend a week in the mountains of New Mexico with my in-laws. It is pretty glorious as it always happens in August, just about the time I am nearing heat-induced psychosis. We hike in the mountains, we sip hot coffee in sweaters in the mornings while deer nibble tender shoots of grass outside our patio, we enjoy outside time with no fear (well little fear) of rendering the fat on our bodies.

This year, we are headed for those same hills for an entire month. We are all seriously excited to see what kind of trouble we can get in to up there for an entire month. At very least, if it turns out to be the lamest place on earth, they have free movies on Tuesday at the local theater.

We are busily preparing for our month away. Mail forwarding, eating the perishable food, mentally fortifying ourselves for a month in tight spaces, and setting up an armed guard to sit outside our house and ward off looters (is that true, maybe, don’t test it).

I will have to fill my pinterest with easy RV recipes. Got any? As it happens, there IS a stove in there, but the mere thought of it’s use sends the smoke detector into fits of rage. I have a hot plate though and a fan to blow at the offensive detector if need be.

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