The One Thing I Miss About Home

This time next week, we will be relaxing in the pool of our hotel in Snyder, Texas. I can’t wait to get our trip started. We love Ruidoso in the summer, and we are thrilled to get to spend an extended amount of time there. The crisp morning air, the mountains, the wild life (Especially the possibility of seeing wild horses. Something I have aspired to do every year but have yet to be successful.)

There is just one thing I miss when I am gone for an extended amount of time. It isn’t the comfort of my own bed, although I guess I do sort of love my bed, so maybe I miss two things.

Let me start over, I don’t miss the security of my four walls, knowing where everything is when I leave the house, running into people when I am out and about (Lord knows I won’t miss that mess). There is just one, other than my bed of course, thing I miss. It doesn’t matter where I go. Hawaii, Ruidoso, Timbuktu… no matter the place, the beauty, the sights… I miss this one thing so deeply.



If you aren’t from a very specific area in Texas, those three magical letters will mean nothing to you. If you are, you have to feel my pain here.

HEB is a grocery store. Don’t laugh at me, it is serious, folks. I LOVE HEB. I mean, no one loves grocery shopping, probably. Someone might, there are people in the world who love laundry, and if someone can love laundry, then someone can love grocery shopping.

It is not the shopping that I necessarily love, in fact. Our HEB is very popular, and nearly ALWAYS crowded to the point of being uncomfortable. I have to get up at 6:30 in the morning on a Saturday in order to enjoy crowd free shopping. (I am NOT a morning person, people.)

Our HEB isn’t even a GOOD ONE! It is the basic white girl of HEB’s. They have some farther south that are shining beacons of awesomeness.

I just love the stuff they have there. They have really good food. HEB specific food. And, their produce section is seriously great. Great variety and usually super fresh. The only thing that beats it would be the Hanalei farmer’s market, that is maybe one of my favorite places on earth.

I can’t even pick a specific thing that I love.

Everything there is just better than everything everywhere else. This statement is true. I have heard you can back up a point on the internet by saying science so…

HEB is the best, because… science.

So, Ruidoso has about two places for groceries, and one of them is Wal-Mart. You guys, I have a hatred bordering on disgust for this store. I don’t like a single thing about the place. I hate the carts, the doors, the aisles. It’s the dumbest place on earth. Just thinking about it makes me angry. Grrr Wal-Mart… grrr you!

The other place is wildly over priced and we might have to eat beans and rice every single day if I have to shop there.

So what do I pick, seething anger or billion dollar groceries??

I just want to take HEB with me y’all.

But seriously, Wal- Mart.


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