Adventure Prep: House Cleaning

Our time in Texas is winding down. We have been doing our best to enjoy the heat while we can. Swim lessons in the morning and open swim in the afternoon are a MUST! I am a big baby about cold water, but the pool has been feelin’ supa fine!

I am walking around my house today, thinking I should be doing SOMETHING besides shopping on Amazon to prepare. So, today I decided to have the kids clean the house.

Our house is most certainly our home. There is no work, no school, we LIVE here. Day in, day out, all day (unless we are traveling of course). Our house definitely reflects the amount of time that three young kids spend playing in it. They own nearly ever place in the house beside our oldest daughter’s room and my closet. Their stuff can be found any and every, where else.

As parents, we are real meh about housekeeping. We are not neat freaks by any standard. Maybe a hoarders standard, I don’t really know. On any given day, I can think of 100 things I’d rather do than clean house. Colonoscopy, mammogram, tooth extraction… just to name a few. So, our house is generally pretty junkified.

Here is our before:

The house will occasionally reach a level of “what the hell” that I can’t even handle, and then I turn into what my husband AFFECTIONATELY calls, Mrs. Clean. I yell and order and curse and swirl around the house like an angry, cleaning, tornado. I decided not to do that today. It was pretty great for my blood pressure!

Today, I tired something new. I gave each kid one task at a time (instead of screaming “DEAR GOD! CLEAN IT ALL! NOW! BEFORE I FLIP OUT!! AHHHH CLEAN IT!!!” (clearly when I’m saying that, no flipping out is occurring…) For instance, one cleaned up all matchbox cars, one did garbage, one had shoes, one had laundry, one had writing utensils… etc.

It worked like a charm. All I did was delegate and sweep. I did attempt a sweeping lesson with my 5 year old, epic fail. We have an insane amount of dog hair, so not his fault.

Here is our after:


I am the black sheep of my ultra housekeeping family, so by their standards, the after is still a slob fest. But, I’m marking it down as a success!

So, my best housekeeping tip.

Have a bunch of kids. Wait until they are big enough. Lay on the couch. Point at stuff. Tada!


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