5 Best Restaurants in Ruidoso, New Mexico

Hello out there! We are two weeks in to our month long RV trip in Ruidoso, New Mexico and I must say, it’s been really great. We have visited places old and new. Everywhere we go there are gorgeous, three inch, original wood floors that creak comfortingly under our feet. But, I’ll talk more about those places in another post. Today I am here to talk about food. I read a review the other day that said “Ruidoso was not known for good food” and I have to laugh at this. If you aren’t loving the food here, you are probably going to the wrong place. We have only ever had two bad meals here, but I won’t bore you with the guys that can’t get it right.

We love to travel, and when we plan a trip, one of the first things we think about is FOOD! Food is a destination for us. We love to try out the local food scene. When we think about Ruidoso and Hawaii, the first thing we talk about is what we will eat!

This trip has been a LITTLE bit different since I am attempting (failing) to avoid gluten. I am not eating ALL the gluten, but I have been a bit off the wagon, so to speak, this trip. I am feeling fine though, and have tried to do this all in moderation. So, without further ado, I give you the best restaurants in Ruidoso. There aren’t always pictures, because I am a lazy picture taker.

  1. Sacred Grounds Coffee : We were turned onto this place by a local artisan. It has an amazing multi-level patio in the back where you can sit and eat while you look out at a babbling brook. If you are looking for peaceful and relaxing, look no further. They have cheesy biscuits the size of your head and pretty good coffee, too. But the real star here, is the chocolate croissant. These little football shaped pastries are to die for. They are flaky and crisp and soft and tender and just bursting with dark, chocolaty goodness. Get there early though, they only make a few, and once they are gone, they are gone. The only downfall of this place is that our food seems to be a little on the cool side when we pick it up, but they are more than happy to warm it if you ask them.

    2. Tina’s Cafe – This is one of our favorite little spots. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the service was much better this time than we had experienced before. The place also looked somehow cleaner and more organized. This little spot is tucked away in a courtyard sort of place with some lawn ornament an knick-knack shops. They have nice patio seating with a creek view as well. The puffed pastry with chicken has always been my usual go to, but I am trying to avoid gluten so I had a tamale this time. It was still really delicious. My husband ALWAYS gets the No Name Burrito smothered in green sauce and he absolutely loves it. We have had the peach green chili pie in the past and found it to be tasty as well. It’s really just a lunch/brunch spot. Sometimes parking can be hard, but it is definitely worth it.

    3. Chef Lupe’s – I have only been here for breakfast, but I have been twice in a week. This was a new place I stumbled upon. The coffee is good and the huevos rancheros are amazing. Garlicy- spicy green sauce, eggs, beans, and rice, with tasty corn tortillas. I sampled my kids pancakes and they are pretty serious eats as well.


    4. Smokey Bear Restaurant – Technically this is not in Ruidoso, but it isn’t far down the road. My husband dreams of their Southwestern Chicken Fried Steak all year long. It is an extremely tasty CFS, smothered in green sauce, and topped with cheddar cheese. It was 1000% worth the gluten slip.

    5. Oso Grill – This was a new one for us this trip as well. It is also in Capitan. We ended up on an impromptu drive to Corrizozo, where it turned out every restaurant was closed for some reason or another – and we were right at lunch time. We drove the 20 minutes to Capitan and tried this place out. The salsa was so good, I was putting it on every single thing, which was fine, because it complimented it all. My son said his burger was great, my catfish was perfect. Really clean and not muddy at all, lightly fried and still really moist (I don’t care for this word but it fits here) and flaky. The french fries were a bit bland, but the hush puppies were divine. 19961675_155958868285281_7702786622020388112_n

    BONUS!  Let’s talk a tiny second about dessert. Strictly dessert here peeps.

Buffett’s Candy store – Do not just drive by this seemingly unimportant little place. It is a cute little red and white striped building awkwardly placed with very weird parking. It has the BEST CANDY ON EARTH. I’ve never had a bad candy, and I have sampled them all, but the dark chocolate peanut butter melt-aways… ahhhhh and the dark chocolate salted caramel. Geez, I feel my waistline expanding. Get a box, you will want to take some of these home with you!

Simple Sugars Self Serve Frozen Yogurt and Desserts – We decided to get some fro-yo and were very pleasantly surprised. They had an entire case of gluten free desserts. Huge cupcakes and cookies. The cupcakes can even be stuffed with cookie dough… you guys… my heart… They also have an awesome fro-yo toppings bar and really good fro-yo as well. They serve boba drinks but we didn’t try them. They had Candyland set up, a giant jenga, and really comfy chairs. They also had a for sale sign in the window, so, tears tears tears… I had a pic, but it seems to have disappeared into the ether.

With two weeks left, I am sure we will find more delicious food!

There are more pics on our Insta, I post there every day. You can follow us there to keep up on the day to day.


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  1. Look beautiful and good food, I love traveling then following your nice blog, thanks for sharing 🙂


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