Radio Silence

Hello out there. I know I haven’t said much for a couple of weeks, but things have been a bit wild. We came home early from New Mexico. I was in the hospital for a migraine in the wee hours of the morning and never felt great after that, on top of the near constant rain (monsoon season), and we had some wild news that was making it super hard for me to sleep.

So, we came on home. And here we are. It is hot. It is humid. It is home.

One of the great things I had to get done was my lesson planning. I have a second grader and one in kindergarten this year. We started school three days ago, and so far, success. My second grader is what some people call a reluctant learner, but he seems to be thoroughly enjoying Easy Peasy All-in-one homeschool so far.

So, I’ve been busy, but the real issue is that I don’t have anything to say.

I mean I have PLENTY to say, but I feel like I can’t say any of it. Not the way I want to say it. So, I just say nothing. Can anyone relate?

I was glad we came home when we did, apparently we have become the target of an HOA troll. We received a letter while we were out of town because we had a couple of weeds in a tree ring. I pulled them and decided to move on with my life (after uttering an expletive or two and stirring the pot on the neighborhood FB page). Then I get ANOTHER letter, threatening to fine me. Fine me! because I have a couple of clovers in my tree ring. You guys, I can’t even. The only way to absolve this is to request a hearing. A hearing!! Over clover! I swear on my granny’s greasy panties, the “weeds and/or grass” in my tree ring, were minimal. So, I expletive a little more, go out with the kids and we yell hateful things about the HOA while we throw dirt into the street. It made us all feel much better. Then I sent an angry email to el presidente de hoa. (He claims it isn’t his fault!) I don’t have time for a hearing!?!?! Over the next two months, I will be home like, three weeks, at best. I have a life, and maybe someone at the HOA needs to get one, too.

Anywho, I have some seriously big, amazing, crazy, but completely up in the air news, which I can’t talk about right now… so, I feel blocked.

We will be back in New Mexico in a couple of weeks for a little vaca with the in-laws. Maybe that will open up my creativity river again. Or maybe I will still feel like I can’t discuss what I want to discuss so I’ll discuss nothing.

Only time will tell!!!


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