Scars and Impromptu Showers

Since we have been home from Ruidoso, we have been taking nightly walks. It started out as nightly ritual I did alone, but then the kids caught wind, and now we all go together. It’s fine really. They ride their bikes and we have a great time, mostly. We usually swing by the playground for a few minutes. Then, we head to the duck pond for a little while. The kids like to scoop algae out with a stick and chase each other. They also like to climb the big tree on the edge of the pond.

Some nights are a little more exciting than others. Tonight, Scarlett had a popsicle while she rode in the stroller. It was still in the high 80’s, so that got messy pretty quickly. The chocolate coating slid off onto the stroller tray and the ice cream melted, well… just about everywhere. Hands, hair, elbows, and chin were all fairly well covered. She was wearing a My Little Pony dress with a thin layer of tulle for a skirt, a nice big chunk of chocolate made it’s home in her skirt. So, we were walking along and she is sitting there a hot, sticky MESS, and we came upon a yard with the sprinklers on. I popped her out of the stroller and washed her hands and face while Clint cleaned the tray of the stroller. Then I pulled the hem of her skirt down and cleaned the chocolate out of the tulle. I have a feeling we looked a bit crazy “bathing” our child in someone’s front yard. Life with kids requires ingenuity though! We got home and I said “Gal, ya need a bath!” and she said “I already had one!” I guess we will let it slide for tonight.

A few minutes later, Denton busted hard on his bike. Dad rescued him and told him chicks dig scars. He doesn’t exactly care what the chicks like, his knee hurts and he is not impressed. His knee was just nearly healed from the last wreck.

We are gearing up for our next trip to New Mexico and then a few weeks later, we head to Hawaii.

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