Hello from ATX!

Hey all. We are posted up in Austin, Texas for the week waiting to head to Kauai. We had to bring Dad today. He left at 5 AM to head to Maui for a week. More on that another time.

For the next nine days, we will be missing him a BUNCH (we already are actually). So, we thought that we might stay in Austin and have a little fun to help us forget about our Dad missin.

Austin is one of my favorite places, I really do love it here. So far, I have tried out Favor for the first time. We have something similar in our home town. They brought us kimchi fries from Korean Mexican Fusion place called Chi’lantro. I was dead eating those things.

When Dad left at 3 am for the airport, I hopped on Instacart and did all of our grocery shopping for the week. That was pretty awesome. I still had to stay by the phone, interacting with my shopper because he had a few substitutions, but I may never walk in a grocery store again. Just sayin’. The inconvenience of clicking “yes” while laying in bed when the shopper changes my chip brand is something I can probably handle. I always assumed we didn’t have it in our little town, but I was wrong!

As far as convenience apps go, we are killing it. In the last day we also tried Lyft for the first time.

Currently we are staying in an Air Bnb while Clint is headed to his VRBO, and next week, we will all meet up at our Homeaway. Life is so convenient, I don’t know how our parents managed to ever plan a vacation with out these apps!

We tried Torchy’s Tacos today and were really impressed. If you are unfamiliar, their schtick is “Damn good tacos” It says it all around the restaurant. So, as we finish, my 7 year old tells me he believes they are “Damn good tacos”, then my 5 year old pipes up with “Damn good hot dogs, too!” It was hard to keep it together.  Trip Advisor nailed it with that suggestion!

Well, I better run, I just found out Amazon has same day delivery here. (just kidding hubby!)

What apps do you love?

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