The Ol’ Switch-er-oo

Remember yesterday when I was like “Oh hey guys, we are in Austin for a week.”? I lied. It was a stinkin’, rotten lie…

At the time I wasn’t aware it was a lie. So, what had happened was…

We WERE planning to be in Austin for the week, and then we checked into our Airbnb, and shit went real awry. I mean, we’ve stayed at them before and had a lot of success, this wasn’t one of those times.

Last week, when I decided to stay in Austin, I tried to reserve SEVERAL. other homes and each time, I’d go to finalize and boom, it would be gone. I finally settled on my plan z and quickly booked it before it was gone. Um… the landlord was a really nice woman. The end.

The house was… um, adequate, that’s a word I could use. I mean, technically it had what we needed. But then it had some stuff we didn’t necessarily want. Most importantly, the blob of mold under the kitchen sink and the water damage in the bedroom ceiling. As you may or may not known, Michael is asthmatic and highly allergic to mold and fungus. So, I was in full freak out mode when he started to get a little sniffly and sneezed out a couple of snot monsters this morning. I could go on about the other “amenities”, but nah.

I texted the landlord and quickly packed up our junk while I frantically searched for a place with a similar price point AND a full kitchen (remember that grocery delivery from yesterday??). As we are running around, Scarlett screams from the hall “AHH, A CROACH!” As soon as Michael saw that he was ready to G-O. Reghanne killed it while I had a mild heart attack (I actually have an unnatural fear of roaches. They are sneaky and fast and hella creepy. I am not afraid they will hurt me, although I have read harrowing accounts of them getting stuck in people’s ears. I am afraid I’ll attempt to squish and they will shoot up my leg. I dunno people.) Anywho… Scarlett says “Ew… crotch brains on the floor. Crotchy… I bet people call them that.”

I am not sure anyone calls a roach a crotchy, but maybe. On a positive note, if we were people who needed to run from the law or bill collectors or bad guys, I think we could do it. We regulators mount up quick like and in a hurry!

So, now we are posted up at a really sweet hotel in San Antonio for the week. It has a really nice pool, a gym (and free access to the Gold’s across the street), a grill, they offer a free dinner Monday – Wednesday, and we have a full kitchen. Oh!!! Also, a TV. I forgot to mention the house I rented had NO TELEVISION!!!

Sometimes our “adbentures” are more adventurous than we plan. The kids really wanted to get on a plane and fly to their Daddy. Same, guys… same.

Have you ever had a mis-adventure?

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