The 8th Year of Denton

Eight years ago, this day started with fear. Our son was being born surrounded by a cloud of doubts and unknowns. What was supposed to be a simple procedure for a breech presentation, ended in a diagnosis that required delivery 5 weeks early and left a lot of unanswered questions. That day ended in joy, and Denton has brought joy into our lives for eight years now. Life is never boring with this kid. He loves to tell a joke, no matter how poorly timed. He can be incredibly sweet to his siblings, and is a great big brother most of the time.

Today marked the end of our time in San Antonio. It also marked Denton’s first birthday without his Daddy (he handled it well!) This day also means we are headed to Kauai tomorrow!

San Antonio was so great. The hotel was one of the best I have ever had the pleasure of staying in. The Towneplace Suites on Prue Road near the airport had the nicest staff, nice breakfasts every morning, a free dinner Mon-Wed, a great pool, and nice clean rooms with comfortable beds. It was nice and quiet (except on trash day).

The city was also great! We had so much fun. If we had ordered weather ahead of time, we couldn’t have gotten better. I think San Antonio just really liked us.

We enjoyed a great trip to the Alamo, followed by ice cream across the street. We visited a really fun park near the hotel called Orsinger Park. We had two snacks at the Snacks House (the corn in a cup is bananas good… seriously). We got a great deal for Pump It Up and enjoyed a really fun day of bouncing. The staff there was incredibly nice, too. Joseph made our day even more fun with his great personality. Our last day we had burgers at The Cove. The gluten free bun is the stuff of legends. I didn’t even have to cry as the sandy, dusty bun crumbled in my mouth. It was so soft and delicious. The playground was a great addition. The Doseum and the Zoo were both incredible. We spent about five hours at both places and loved every minute of it. We didn’t want to leave either place.

Thank you San Antonio for making our time without Daddy just a little more bearable.

We have some news, too. But that is for another day!


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