Big Changes and a Mikey Update

Before I started this little blog, we came to Kauai. Well, technically we have been to Kauai half a dozen or so times, but we were also in Kauai in January of this year. During our trip, we took a hopper over to Maui where my hubs met with a chiropractor about a position in her clinic. The timing wasn’t right at the time, and it didn’t work out. We came home feeling pretty sad. Every time we leave Hawaii, it feels like we are leaving home, but this time was definitely the hardest. I was in a post trip depression for awhile, and going back to Texas in the middle of winter didn’t help matters in the least. Goodbye tropics, hello drab, gray, and cold. No thanks.

As spring emerged (one of my favorite seasons), so did I. The haze of sadness lifted like a fog. We started traveling more often. That was around the time the blog started up. We also bought a travel trailer and filled the calendar with camping trips, spending a month in New Mexico almost immediately. During that month, we got an email from the doctor we had meet in Maui. She wanted my hubby to come over for another visit… Clint looked at me and said “But, we have the trailer?” and I told him I was more than happy to put a match to that thing if it was standing in our way!

We already had a trip to Kauai planned for mid- September, so we changed his flight around and waited with baited breath, wondering what was going to happen, where our future was headed, and if we were brave enough to dive in.

Well, long story longer… he got the job and we are all taking the leap! In 6 weeks, we will officially be residents of this beautiful state we love so much. We could not be more excited.

So, if you’ve ever been over and admired anything we own, it’s all for sale (well, most of it)!


MIKEY UPDATE: Michael got his cast today. The fracture was not exactly where the ortho doc wanted it to be, so they had to manipulate it a bit. This was not a fun experience for anyone. We made it through and the x-rays look much better. This is a fracture that tends to drop, so we have to have weekly x-rays for a bit. He is comfortable for now and resting. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.

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  1. How much for the camper? Lol


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