Check-up Day

Mikey had his check up today at the ortho. They said it all looked great and he is healing up like a champ. His head is nothing short of miraculous. You almost can’t even tell he ever had an injury there. The skin is healed and there was minimal bruising on his eyelid, which has gone away now.

The left is after, the right is before.


We have been finding non-water based things to do in Kauai. Which isn’t necessarily easy when all your kids want to do is SWIM! We have have eaten all the foods. We walked the Kealia Path. We visited the Kilauea Lighthouse. We had a really fun day touring the Smith Garden’s with my grandparents. The kids still want to swim but they are having a good time, I think.


The Kealia Path is something we have talked about doing every trip, but never had the time. It was truly beautiful, with one small exception. We had to walk rather close to an overripe portajohn, Michael wrinkled his nose and said “It smells like egg salad barfed on a fart.” And it was one of the more accurate statements I’ve ever heard spoken. Portajohn + tropical weather = just no.


One of the coolest experiences was at the Hanalei Pier yesterday. It just so happens that we are in town for the arrival of the Hokule’a. This is a link to some of the history:


This is a Polynesian Canoe that spent the last three years sailing around the world and teaching about the culture using no modern navigational tools. We were even allowed to board! I have some serious issues with motion sickness, but I knew I had to do it. So I literally hopped aboard, took deep breaths, and enjoyed the experience… for awhile and then I grabbed the kids and said “Okay, TIME TO GO!”


Check out our Insta for all the pics.

On the moving front, we have our plane tickets. We have sold a few things already. The apartment hunt is on, but that is a frustration in its own. I have a pretty promising lead, so fingers crossed!


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