Apartment Hunting, from 200 miles away…

If you missed it, we are moving to Maui. Every time I say those words, they seem slightly more real… I think. Denton keeps saying “IF we move to Maui… (blah blah blah)” as we have all been doing since July. Clint told him he could stop saying “IF” and start saying “WHEN”!

So, a requirement of life is a roof over your head, for us anyways. There were plenty of “camp on the beach” suggestions. Y’all… just no, okay. Maybe for a weekend, a long holiday, something… but not as a way of life while my hubby is supposed to report to work as a doctor. We are in Hawaii, but… I feel like we gotta draw the line somewhere.

That being said, I’ve been hunting apartments. Many horror stories have been heard about Craigslist scams, scarcity, insane rent (true one), and a competitive market (also true). We were told by many that no one would rent to us until we are on island. I rented a Homeaway for 8 days, and we thought “Well, we will cross our fingers that we find something before the eighth day”. To know me is to know that this idea is “bullshirt” and NOT gonna be my favorite. I’m already selling all of my belongings and moving half way around the world-ish to an island in the literal middle of the ocean… showing up and not knowing where we will live is like… my nightmare! Add all these kids to that equation, and y’all, I’m just so out.

I made it my mission to find a place by October 16th, which is the last day to get our money back for the rental. Luckily, Clint’s boss is a bomb angel from Heaven and agreed to tour apartments for us and send pics.

I called, oh say… fifty billion and one people… Zero percent called me back initially. One lady actually answered my non-808 number. I says to her “My husband is a doctor (drop it like it’s hot) and we have three lovely children who will be living with us (full time).” and she says to me “Oh… I showed it to a couple with one child and it seemed inappropriate… so three is a definite nah gurl.” (not a direct quote). I says to her “buh why bruh???” and she says, “UM, it’s furnished… ew.” Discriminate much? I TOLD her my kids were really sweet and lovely and they travel a lot and stay in rented/furnished houses and know how to be respectful so please (all mostly true). She said “Good to know.” and then ghosted me fa LIFE!


Maybe I can’t find one…

Then, the me in me said “NOPE you will make this apartment hunt ya bitch”.

Finally, this one lady calls me back, on the apartment I actually wanted the very least because it isn’t the most updated or prettiest. She said who she was and, stunned, I stammered “Wow, someone called me back?!” Long story longer, she was cool and now we have a place to live, with all the things we wanted, in the place we wanted, in our budget. I’m like 99.5 % sure it is legit, too. So, decent odds.

As of tomorrow, we have a place on Maui… cause part of the deal was that we would pay October rent even though we don’t show up until October 30th. Not the best deal, but it works.

On October 30th, we will walk into a completely empty apartment and start our life in Maui. I just threw up a little…

Oh, by the way, Michael is doing great! We see the doc one last time before our flight on Monday. 22090046_10159487726395014_8123540033938997058_n

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