Emotional Breakdowns

Last night, or this morning, yesterday sometime… maybe… I had a small emotional breakdown at a packed airport gate. I’ve been flying so long, and through a few time zones. I dunno when for sure it was…

I was telling my grandparents goodbye before we boarded THE SAME FLIGHT. This wasn’t even an actual goodbye, it was like a “see ya in 6 hours, we are 30 rows behind you”.

But it wasn’t of course, we all know that. It was a goodbye prequel so to speak… a picture of what good bye will look like at the end of this very short month, when I leave on a one way ticket with out a clue when I’ll be back.

This is a missed holiday season on my mind, a no more impromptu lunch on a Sunday, a never bumping into each other at the grocery store goodbye.

My Grandma squeezed me tight and whispered that she didn’t want me to go. My Gumpy grabbed me and told me how proud he was and that he supported me.

And. It. Sucked.

You’d be hard pressed to find people in this world that hold a bigger piece of my heart. I can’t remember my life without those two. I don’t exactly know how I’ll leave them in a month.

Can you pack a couple of octogenarians into a carry-on?

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