But, why?

I feel like the answer to this question should be SUPER simple. Like, an answer that doesn’t even need to be spoken it is so damn duh. To me, “Why are you moving?” is pretty silly. Why the hell not?? I mean for real!? I live in Waxahachie, Texas. Are you familiar with Waxahachie, Texas? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Like 5 months a year it is hotter than the surface of the sun. It is can’t leave the house hot. The wind blows a billion miles an hour and it is akin to a hair dryer on turbo blowing at your face. Then there are like 2 months were it likes to fluctuate between 75 degrees and 15 degrees every couple of days, so your body is super confused and just shuts down and becomes a pile of dead. Your closet looks like a cross between a beach party and a trip to Antartica, and you literally have to have three outfits a day. Then there are three months were it is gray and the wind pierces your skin and feels like frozen hell. There is another month with GORGEOUS perfect weather. And if you can stop sneezing long enough to enjoy it, a tornado might possibly take you out… although a tornado could take you out in December, too. Ya just never know, cause tornadoes. Then there is this one month, not continuous, where the weather is Jessica Rabbit and your chin hits the ground and your eyes bug out. The tree leaves sorta kinda change color on a few trees. The air is so crisp (two or three days in a row between 90 degree days), and it feels damn good.

I don’t want to be dramatic, but that is an accurate frickin’ description, do not try to convince me otherwise.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, Maui. Why would I move 4000 miles away and sell every possession we own in the world?

I feel like my mind is all over the place, so bear with me. We got home from Hawaii three days ago. We are cray cray jet lagged, but day one the fun began. We had 28 days to pack it, sell it, and leave it. So, people have been coming over and walking through and taking away truckloads of our stuff and it is sort of a suck fest. I sort and post and clean all day everyday for the last three days and it is frickin’ real hard. Things I carefully picked out, just like… bye. Stuff I wanted for years… oh, bye. Beloved things, unbeloved things, new things, old things, good things, bad things… you get it. All the things. But really, it is just stuff and we can get more, or not. And people get real confused why we would do this…

Cause it is cool. It will be fun. We have both basically lived in the same 20 square miles for 35 years and that is not fun, or cool, or neat at all. Hawaii is a dream come true. Um, hello. I have wanted to move there for a few years now. When the possibility came up, Clint wasn’t sure and I said “I’ll miss you fool.”

Is this easy? HELL NO! It is so hard. College was hard, but worth it. Childbirth, hard but worth it. Parenting, impossible but worth it. See where I am going with this? Worth it stuff is hard. Okay. And we are going to maybe say it is hard, and be tired, and irritable. We may cry. But, in the end, we are thrilled. It is an adventure of a lifetime, probably.

But, it is still hard. Even though we did PICK IT. We did DO IT. It is our CHOICE. It is HARD. And exciting. And “worth”.

Thanks to our few cheerleaders, you get it. Peace.