28 Days in Limbo

Hey you’s guys! The last three weeks have been BANANAS!!! We got home on October 3rd at 5:30 PM. The next day we woke up and we hit the ground running. We had no small task in front of us, and as monumental as we knew it would be, we underestimated it still. Not even counting the physicality of the whole endeavor, the mental and emotional strain has been too legit too quit.

We sold all three of our cars in less than a week. That was a bit unexpected and created a small logistical nightmare last week. All day long, I spent hours fielding questions about items I had posted on Facebook, setting up meetings for pickups, cleaning out furniture that was sold or needed a picture taken to be sold. Friends walked through, making lists of wanted items. It looked like we had been the victim of some sort of crime, and we have been living in utter chaos.

We have eaten really weird meals made from long forgotten frozen foods on totes with pillow chairs. We have watched our TV’s walk out the door mid-program. We have had fights over 50 cents with garage sale ladies. But we are still alive!


Tears… so many tears. Disgruntled, sad, overwhelmed children cry. They also randomly start wetting their pants. They also lash out at the strangest times for no reason. Even when you are really happy, watching every material thing you know and love walk piecemeal out the door is HARD. Hella hard. I sometimes just stand in the bathroom and stare at myself and say “It’s just stuff. You are okay. It’s just stuff.” My hardest day was the Christmas boxes. We have all had a thing that got to us. The kids were probably the dog, or maybe the bikes. It’s hard to say.

The kids don’t even really know entirely what they have in store for them. They haven’t been to Maui before, so it is really abstract to them.

Last night, we had a really strange birthday party for our boys/going away party with friends. We ordered pizza and everyone sat on the floor with paper plates and plastic forks. The boys both blew out a pink candle shaped like a 3. It was actually pretty fun. There weren’t bags and bags of gifts, just laughs, and hugs and a few gift cards. Oh, and a sweet box of Hostess cupcakes. I took zero pictures, but stole this one from my mom.


Now, everything we own fills a van. We have most everything packed into a bag or a plastic tote. Maybe every one should do this at least once, that’s what my hubby thinks. Just peel back the layers of all the “stuff” and all the expectations of what a life is supposed to be like and just jump off into the wild blue. Like a little bird on their first flight. Will you soar or splat? Who the hell knows! But, most likely you will soar. And we can soar now because we aren’t carrying the weight of the world around our necks.

We are supposed to own things, things are not supposed to own us, and doing this has shown us how close we have come to being a slave to materialism. We are still feeling the full weight of leaving our loved ones behind, but we are ready for the adventure ahead of us. Bye, stuff!


In other cool news, I was featured as a Cook Smarts Kitchen Hero this month! You can check it out here:


Cook Smarts is something I have really enjoyed and truly believe in, so I was pretty psyched when they approached me about being featured on the blog. I even got a sweet shirt, which I am featuring in the picture below.


Well, we are just over a week from D-day (D is for departure). I will check in soon.

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