On the fifth day…

Of waiting my true love gave to me… another day of packing, um cleaning, er… throwing stuff away. I’d rather have five golden… onion rings.

Not much to report today. We had dinner with the grandparentals last night. They were a rowdy, fun crowd as usual. Plus, there was chicken express catfish. If you’re unfamiliar with the deliciousness of this, I’m truly sorry for your terrible life.

Maui was apparently a hot mess of no power and sewage spills yesterday. The chatter is they are wholly unprepared for a hurricane. It’s not like… my favorite lead up to moving to a new place where I’ve never been that’s a tiny island isolated in the middle of an ocean the most isolated chain of islands in the world in fact… but hey, we are up for the adventure. Might have to get one of those hurricane backpack situations goin’.

Now that I have created the world’s longest run-on sentence, I will leave you.

Adios for another day mi amigos.