Tears FOUR days

See what I did there?? Four days! The nerves are sorta kinda kickin’ in I guess. Yesterday we finished cleaning out the house, which the kids have started calling Houston for some reason. I walked through the kids room and started to feel a few tears, but I held it together… for a while anyways. A while later, I was packing a super unimportant, not even remotely sentimental, bathroom item and burst into tears. So we went and had ice cream, because ice cream fixes everything. Especially when it features brain freeze face. After we hit Target for ANOTHER suitcase, we decided we deserved a chill day. We headed to the temp home and played chess. I kicked the kid’s butts. Mostly Reghanne, I beat her real good. Getting the kids to follow piece rules isn’t really easy. The boys also struggle with playing defense. Michael moved his queen to take a rook in the first three plays of the game. Strong move kid!! Reghanne plays all defense, on the other hand, and never manages to take a piece. We’ll call it homeschool lessons. Strategy, defense, offense, etcstuff… Anywho… off to the races.

In my spare time, I made this.

No actual pumpkins were injured in the making of this Halloween head… No moms were injured either, despite some dad insisting that some mom would stab herself in the foot.

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