The days seem to be flying by faster than ever. We are trying so hard to get in all of the things we love and the people we love. Yesterday, we took a final zoo trip. The zoo was all decorated for Halloween. Go big or go home!! We posed a sleeping gorilla photo bomb because… gorillas! Parental selfie game is strong. My little gorillas. The littles ganged up on big bro. Then I took a turn chompin’ big Sis! Victory is mine!! This guy was really tonguesy! Can’t go to the zoo without dip n dots. Spookies and cream for the win!! Hippo feeding time. Bubble bath time.

It was a great escape. Then we hit the house one last time. Goodbye, Houston.

We drove around saying goodbye to our favorite spots. When Mikey said goodbye to Whataburger, he burst into tears. It was so heart breaking. If you know Whataburger, you get it.

I have one kid who threw up last night. This was definitely not in the plan and has me a bit stressed. Vomit sickness is my freaking nightmare.

Who knows what the next few days will hold…

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