We leave for Hawaii in two days.

Typing that gives me a chill. It’s such a mix of anxious and excited. We’ve been so busy the last three weeks, we haven’t really had time to think about it. But, in our final days in Texas, we have time to reflect, and it’s freakin’ terrifying a lil bit.

Denton threw up out of nowhere and spent all day yesterday laying around.

We spent all day running errands.

We got a little bored in the car waiting on Dad while he was in the post office.


Mike had his last xray today! The cast comes off Monday, which is also an anxious moment. When they changed it a couple of weeks ago, he had a full on freak out.

So… in another news… It SLEETED yesterday. Dafuq??? Does the weather not understand that we already got rid of our clothes for winter?? Ain’t nobody got time for sleet!

It’s SO cold.

We spent our day at the zoo, just 24 hours prior… sweating. Nothing like a 30 degree temperature swing for a last hurrah.

Also, my 5 year old damn near beat me at chess, with a little help from his Pops. He’s fearless with his pieces!

Last night the power was out for several hours. It was just about bed time when it happened. It ended being kind of fun, actually. We were all huddled in the back room, cuddling because we were cold, and giggling at nonsense. No phones or television to distract us. It was a nice way to spend our last night all together with Reghanne until she joins us in January.

Today we have none plans. We may see Poppy and Tia. We were supposed to see them last night, but our funny tummy ruined it.

Anyways… chillaxin’ is calling my name. And maybe hot cocoa and chess, too.

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