Una mas

I can’t believe tomorrow is the big day!

Our “people one” is not outstanding, but I wanted to use all the kids, and we’d been doing people numbers for a while at this point. This was around the time I promised breakfast chocolate chip cookies for a few more minutes of cooperation… I ain’t to good for bribin’!

Yesterday was a way chill day.

I did all of the laundry and got our bags mostly, final-packed-and-ready-to-go.

We did pirate impressions.

And the littles ventured out in the 32 degree weather to touch the ice on the car windows.

We figured, why not, this could be their last taste of cold for awhile!

Otherwise, we had lunch at Olive Garden and watched Malificient and Cinderella. I am digging the live action remakes of movies.

Malificient was hella predictable, but an oddly heart warming story. I guess as a misunderstood character as well, I get her! Just because we seem like icy cold bitches on the outside, we have hearts and might be protecting ourselves because of past hurts.

This segment brought to you by “Deep lessons with Disney.”

Today we are hanging with my familia. I know it will be hard goodbyes. My Grandma has been hard goodbyeing me for a month already. I love that old woman so much.

Anyways, yay tomorrow… squee!! I don’t know how, but it still seems surreal, impossible, and too good to be true to me.