Hawaii (shopping) Life

Aloha, y’all!

We’ve been here a few days now and are starting to get more settled in.

You know how in Texas, when you want something, you can drive 10 minutes to an hour and go to literally almost any store and pick out whatever you want from a variety of places? Or, if you are feeling lazy, you can jump on Amazon and have it delivered in 2 days?

Yeah, that’s NOT how it is here… not.at.all. I mean, the options aren’t nothing, but they are definitely limited. We have Costco, Wal-Mart, Target, and a Ross. There is one of each on the island, which means every. Single.person. on this island has the same four stores to shop in.

We showed up at Costco day one, 30 minutes before they opened, and there were probably 100 people in line, just waiting for the doors to open.

Despite all that, we have found most everything we need, and for home goods, the prices are similar to Texas prices. Still searching for a bed frame and a dining table.

So, Amazon… on October 28th, after hours of searching, I found beds and mattresses for the kids that would actually ship to us (almost everything on Amazon says it doesn’t ship to our address… grrrr). Well, here we are November 3rd, and they are just now shipping it, but shipping it none the less and, hopefully, the kids will have beds before the new year!

As soon as we get unpacked, I’ll give a picture tour of the casa. It’s really shaping up.

We went trick or treating with the local homeschool group. We also went to the Kealia Reserve for a bit the other day, and we played with friends at the playground. So far, that’s all for fun.

Car shopping today, cross yo fingers!!!

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