I’m not a person known for tears, but especially not those of the joyful variety. I’ve never fully understood those who cry happy tears. If I’m going to cry, it’s is generally out of rage or frustration, but not happiness.

It’s been a long couple of months for our family. If you follow the blog, you know this, if not I’ll recap.

We went on a vacation to Kauai, during this time, my husband received a job offer in Maui. My son also broke his arm. We headed back to the mainland with 28 days to sell everything we owned and make our way to Maui. And, we did it!

The last, almost, 2 weeks have been spent creating our new home in an unfurnished apartment with limited shopping resources. But we’ve done it.

So, yesterday afternoon, I took my kids on their first walk to “our” beach, less than a half mile from our front door.

I was standing there watching my kids run, dance, jump, and downright wallow, and I realized I was smiling. Suddenly, my eyes began to burn with joyful tears.

This life we are creating for them, filled with joyful moments like this, and wonder, and playfulness. It is all we had hoped for our kids and more. It’s clearly not perfect, but it’s beautiful.

Sometimes, I’m jealous of these guys.

Joy is a hard choice to make when you’re deep in the trenches. It’s been so much chaos lately, I’ve struggled to choose joy, but yesterday, I did… and it was worth it. It’s all been worth it.

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