Adjusting to Life in Hawaii

I’ll be honest, before we moved here I read 100 million berjillion (a number) blogs about moving to Hawaii. Pros and cons and what to bring and what not to bring and etc and so on and stuffs.

I like to be informed.

So, we’ve been here 3 weeks and so far these are our 4 biggest adjustments.

#1 – We miss our sis

I have yet to find a solid solution to this one. We miss Reghanne. We talk to her on a new app my friend Sarah suggested called Marco Polo. But, like today at lunch, we will be doing something regular and mundane and one of the kids will say “I wish Reghanne was here…” cause we do… We really do.

#2 – Hubby is working for the man (well the woman)

We are NOT used to our Pops working on someone else’s schedule. For the last almost two years, I made the schedule. We miss him coming home early, going back late, and hanging with us weekdays. His boss is bomb and super nice, but him working a “9-5″er is a huge adjustment for our family, because even when he did work a job like that, he was still the boss and could go and leave and come and be when he chose, for the most part.

#3 – Dad quit eating meat

This has literally nothing to do with Hawaii. As it turns out, none of this list does… but I digress. Dad quit eating meat when we came here and that’s been harder on me than him I think. Being in a new place, with new foods, new grocery stores, new EVERYTHING while navigating a new diet for 1/6th of the people in our house has been interesting. Trying to find something he and the kids will both eat while not cooking 2 completely seperate meals every night has kept me on my toes and pushed me. But, it’s working out mostly and I’m getting the hang of it. Luckily pretty much everyone here is some sort of vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, etc so just about every restaurant caters to, or accommodates, dietary restrictions.

#4 – One car

This has been a hard one for me. It just requires more planning and scheduling on my part. And that annoys me sometimes, but it’s not a huge deal. Just something that definetely takes getting used to, especially since before, we owned THREE cars.

So basically, all of our adjustments have zero to do with Hawaii. Hawaii is amazing. It’s beautiful and perfect.

The roaches do definetely freak me out AND because, we don’t wear shoes inside, I never have any way to kill them.

But, besides that, we are settling in nicely.

I don’t know if it would be for everyone, but it is definetely our paradise.

The small house is cozy. The lack of A.C. provides us with so many chances for fresh air (a.c. actually makes me uncomfortably cold). The food is all beautiful and fresh and sooooo tasty.

We get to eat lunch with goats.

And take Dad to the beach on his lunch break.

And walk to the beach for snack time.

And picnic with a back drop of mountains.

What’s not to love?

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