25 Days of Christmas: Day 21

It doesn’t really feel like Christmas here in Maui. I have still yet to wrap a present! Maybe tomorrow. Although, I already know I will be out of the house for the day by 9:15 in the morning, so I doubt it!!

We have usually been to half a dozen Christmas things by now, and here we’ve been to exactly zero. We were set to go to the Tae Kwon Do party last night. A delish vanilla and chocolate fudge iced cake was even baked. Unfortunately, we have had bad weather and a lot of flooding today, so we decided to stay in and keep the cake all to ourselves!

Sunday was our last sunny day and, luckily, we spent the whole day at the beach. Scarlett and Papa Hardin tagged a long on a monster truck video shoot at the tide pools and Papa Hardin caught some really cute footage of Scarlett.

They had a great time and met a few friends a long the way.

We hope wherever you are, it feels like Christmas and you are enjoying it with the ones you love.

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