25 Days of… Oh, who knows…

Gosh you guys, it’s been a minute since I had an emotional blog monologue.

I skipped yesterday, because yesterday… I just couldn’t with Christmas.

I did some last minute shopping, but I also had to run out of a convenience store because the Christmas song nearly made me burst into tears.

It’s my favorite time of year and I LOVE Christmas music, particularly Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (the offending song).

It just doesn’t feel like Christmas at all…

My 16 year old daughter is 4000 miles away and my little ones really thought she was coming for Christmas (we’ve told them she wasn’t 100 times) and they are missing her and I’m missing her and Papa Hardin is missing her and we can’t even so much I forgot what periods and commas are…

Our family back home is struggling and she’s not here and it is just a LOT because we are stranded in paradise (I know it sounds dumb).

We got a some good news from my side yesterday, but Papa Hardin hasn’t been so lucky thus far.

Anywho… We have a nice new video of our baby girl learning to ride her bike beach side.


She’s crushing bike riding and looks SO big on that bike!

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