Putting yourself out there

I’m working so hard on myself in 2018, which means a lot of super difficult heart work and a bunch of sappy emotions.

Vulnerability is a really funny thing (except it’s not funny at all). A common word used in the definition of vulnerable, is weak.

Working from a place of extreme vulnerability lately, I can promise, weakness doesn’t seem to apply.

If anything the ability and willingness to be vulnerable with someone requires strength. It requires you to open yourself up, completely unprotected, in a situation that can cause you harm. To voluntarily let your guard down is no easy task. To utterly put your trust in another person requires unimaginable strength.

The rewards can be incredible. The ride can be wild. The highs can send you flying, and the lows can take your breathe away.

To touch a piece of heaven by opening yourself to love another person requires vulnerability. But, the view from the top is worth the possible crash to the bottom.

Well it ain’t worth living if you don’t get hurt.”

Categories: Adventure

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