Beauty in the Broken Pieces

I had a dream last night that I was walking on a beach alone. When I looked down at the sand I found none. Beneath my feet was glass in a brilliant array of colors, shapes, and sizes. The glass was smooth, worn down by the never ceasing power of the waves.

As I searched through the glass, I began to find pieces that were familiar, and I held them up to the light. Through them, I could see experiences that had once been painful to me. Instead of sharp edges, I could now see a memory, smoothed out by time.

In my life I have experienced plenty of pain and heart ache. These things, given time, can now be collected as beautiful moments in my life that changed and shaped me. Helped me grow, and created the unique person I am today.

No one ever wants to see sharp jagged glass on their beach. Leave that experience in the waves of time and it will come back to you, a precious stone that can never be duplicated. So often, life is all about perspective. I find myself walking on my glass beach and feeling grateful.

Even in Maui, we have rainy days. We try to make the best of them though. Check out our new video of the kids enjoying a rainy day with their friends.

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