Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

After Saturday’s “little” missile scare, I felt uneasy heading out on a big adventure. As mentioned in my previous post, I’m not giving that power away any time soon. You can read more about that day here, .

Sunday, we loaded up our car and headed out with our friends to do a short waterfall hike. Of course, my back decided to be a janky fool and I missed some of it.

It was still a great time. We got to explore a new part of Maui as well. Check out our new video to see all the hiking fun.

There is so much beauty here, I don’t think we will ever see it all if we live here for a million years.

On the way home, we passed insane waves in Paia.

There’s not a possible way my cell-phone-hanging-out-the-window-of-a-moving-car video or pics can do the magnificence ANY justice, but it’s better than nothing.

I hope you will all get the chance to explore a place like this someday. We are truly grateful for it.

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