Life is so wild, wonderful, beautiful, confusing, hard, and, often times, intense beyond what you believe you can handle.

Life is like the ocean. There are always waves. They grow and wane in intensity in a never ending cycle. Some days can start out with calm water and end with 20 foot surf.

Some days, you ride the waves like a champ, landing on the beach victorious and aching to jump back in and do it again. Others, the waves will knock you head over heels, making you disoriented, sending you clawing for the surface. Gasping for air, your lungs and nose and throat burn . Those are the waves that can keep you out of the water for awhile.

But, just like the ocean waves, life will keep on coming at you. Relentless, life demands to be lived. It’s a siren’s song, luring you into the deep.

I’ve stood on the beach many times. I’ve watched the waves pounding, calling me in… “Come and play” they say, “It’s better out here.”

For so long, I felt the ache to dive in, but I was scared of the intensity. I’d scream back at life “But, I don’t know how to swim! What if I drown…”

So, I sat on the beach, and it was comfortable. The warm sun can lull you into a trance. I sat and watched everyone around me live. One day, I realized I was buried up to my neck. Suffocating from the weight of it all.

I slowly, and sometimes not so slowly, dug myself out.

I ran straight for the water.

I’ve ridden some big waves, and I’ve been knocked on my ass more than a few times. Even though it’s terrifying sometimes, I’ll never go back to the beach.

The kids and I experienced some insanely beautiful waves (from land) in a little town called Paia a few days ago. You can check it out here.

The beauty of this place never fails to amaze me. However, I don’t suggest wearing a dress to a windy cliff!

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  1. Just beautiful. I love seeing you play in the waves. I’ve been on the beach far too long. I want to play in the waves too. I may need some floaties at first but eventually I’ll learn to swim.


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