The Countdown to the Grand Arrival


The excitement at my house this week has been off the charts as we make final preparations for our oldest daughter to FINALLY arrive in Maui. We are all pumped.

For almost as long as we’ve been here, the little kids think Reghanne is on every descending plane they see. We live in a huge tourist area in the landing path of probably every plane that flies in, so that’s a lot of screaming “It’s Reghanne!!!”. But today is finally the day that it WILL be!

And, even more fun, some of our grand parentals are tagging along!

After a week of rest, we can’t wait for a week of fun!

Last week started with me having some strange, and very painful, back ache. I got out for a walk when that dissipated and hurt my foot somehow. I was somewhat convinced I had broken it, but X rays revealed a gloriously normal foot skeleton. Much rest was had and I’m feeling much better.

With mom infirmed, the kids had to make their own fun. So, they took to the flower beds for a lizard hunt.

We hope you enjoy our video.

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